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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sustainable Fashion? So Stylish

It's no secret that I believe fashion is more fun when it's ethically produced. Therefore, where I heard about the collaboration between ASOS.com, the UK's largest independent online fashion and beauty retailer and Soko, a fashion workshop in Africa, I was ecstatic! Joanna Maiden, the mastermind behind Soko, created the store in 2009 in order to further support the sustainable fashion movement. She aims to produce beautiful high-quality garments made from fabrics sourced straight from Kenya, while also supporting the community through employment and local projects.

The collection, ASOS Africa, first appeared on the e-retailer in 2010 featuring vibrant prints and Swahili inscriptions. Within 24 hours of their debut, every item was sold out! Luckily for us, ASOS Africa has continued to be successful through the seasons and the A/W '12 collection is still available online. Even out first lady is a huge fan of ASOS Africa, seen in pieces from each season of the collection. Most recently, she was spotted in the November issue of O magazine wearing a belted ASOS Africa mixed-printed pencil skirt paired with a bright turquoise short sleeve shirt and a cropped cardigan.

You too can wear one of the First Lady's favorite fashion lines!

This peplum jacket is perfect if you are looking for something new to wear to the office.

Love this pattern but need something more casual than the peplum jacket? Who isn't always looking for a cute, interesting top that won't break the bank? This is it!

This spring is all about patterned pants. These are perfect for those looking to try a new trend!

This bold patterned shirt is so versatile, you can wear it almost anywhere!

Still looking for a stylish way to keep warm? This two-toned coat is made of wool, perfect for these last cold days of winter.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Would You Buy Clothes From A Store Called Nasty Gal?

Should a grown woman be buying clothes from a site called Nasty Gal? When the fashion editor of a major magazine admitted to me that it is her favorite shopping destination, I knew it was time to pay attention.

In 2012, everyone was talking about the sexy fashion website, Nasty Gal. It's no wonder. The site was named the #1 fastest growing retail company on the 2012 Inc. 5000 list, with over $100 million in yearly sales after just six years in business!

So what is the appeal of the Nasty Gal site for grown women? This online retailer features clothes, shoes, and accessories from affordable brands as well as daring designers such as Jeffrey Campbell, not to mention lust-worthy vintage finds. While it is quite easy to find a fresh, spring dress, a pair of high heels, or a motorcycle jacket to fall in love with, beware of clothing with provocative cut-outs and extremely short lengths. The clothes also come in very small sizes for smaller girls and most of the merchandise is under $150. Last year they released their own clothing line produced locally in Los Angeles. And in case you were wondering, the name was inspired by the song "Nasty Gal" by Betty Davis.

Let the fashion show begin!

Nasty Gal is a great place to look for spring dresses of all styles and colors.

Pumps, booties, and platforms galore! Heels for every occasion can be found on the website.

Studded Platform Bootie, $78

Motorcycle jackets and trench coats are great for the transitioning weather. Pair with a flowy dress in bright colors for a perfect spring outfit!

While most of Nasty Gal consists of affordable, modern fashions, don't forget to check the vintage section for one-of-a-kind designer finds.

Looking for sparkle and sequins? This website has it all, including this mint green sweater with sequined elbow patches.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

What Do You Dare?

Go ahead, I dare you. Are you going to mix stripes and florals this spring or don head to toe orange sherbert? We all get stuck in a style rut at times, having decided long ago which silhouettes and colors work for us. This season, I dare you to try something new!

This is why I love trends. You aren't just discovering a new color or silhouette, you are discovering a new aspect of your personality. Bridget Foley had a great post-mortem on Golden Globes style in Women's Wear Daily (THE fashion industry newspaper for those of you who don't know) this week. She pointed out that stars (and their stylists) go for the same looks again and again: the skintight mermaid, strapless, red, blush, lace, etc. It is as if "sexy" and "skinny" were the only adjectives the stars wanted attached to their outfits. Oh wait, I forgot "glamourous"! And what is with the cleavage?!

What about interesting, intellectual, charting new territory in a very un-Bjork swan dress sort of way?Apparently only Tilda Swinton has the stomach to try truly new looks on the red carpet and accept the backlash that could come with the exercise. Ms. Foley offered some suggested looks for the next red carpet. We'll see if any of them take her up on it the next go round, The Oscars on February 24th. In the meantime, here is the look I hope someone, anyone, adopts for the red carpet.

Dior RTW Spring 2013

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How to Dress Your Man For Spring 2013

This post is for the men in your life (and my loyal male readers!). Do you know what your man should be wearing this spring?  A slim fit, a tailored look, and lots of color are just a few highlights. Here are some more suggestions:

Haven't you heard? The suit is back.  Try the new soft suit look to go from day to a cool night out on the town. Think Richard Gere wearing Armani in American Gigolo.

3-piece suits have also come back. My husband has one from Suit Supply as well as one from J. Hilburn and he gets MAD compliments on this dandy look.

When you wear a suit for a more formal occasion, go for a slim fit. Notice the narrow lapel.

Short, double-breasted jackets are all the rage. Seriously.

Let's talk casual. Cargo shorts are a staple in so many men's style diets... this spring, they're on trend! Pair them with boat shoes or loafers for a clean look. And if you loved plaid as a trend last fall, you're in luck because it's still in style!

As far as casual jackets are concerned, go for the bomber. It's perfect over jeans and sneakers.

Dusty pales are a newer color trend for men. Stripes continue to be...everywhere. Love this shirt with a pocket. Pair with a pale short--remember, shorts don't always have to be khaki!

Don't get washed out by all of the pales. Add a bright every now and then!

I thought it would never happen, but all denim looks are back! Put your own spin on it with a faded blue linen shirt and matching jeans.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

A New Year, A Chance for a New You (And Me)

I hope everyone had a great holiday week! You might have noticed that I did not post a blog last week. Usually, I pretend not to work when I leave town. This time, I kept my resolve and really didn't except for some emergency FedEx mishaps that needed to be dealt with. Instead, I enjoyed the last week of Max's first year with us and spent quality time with family. Sorry to all of the friends I did not call!

I'm not usually a New Year's resolution list kind of girl, but I was inspired by the lessons I've learned this last year, my first as a Mom. My first blog of 2012 questioned whether or not I would be able to practice what I'd been preaching to my Mom clients for years, not to forget to take care of themselves along the way. So before the resolutions for this year come the lessons learned from this past one.

7 Lessons Learned (In my first year as a Mom)

  1. I now know it is ludicrous to tell my Mom clients to put themselves first. Instead, I work with them to make beauty and style (a big frustration for those with no time or sleep!) easy peasy!
  2. Prioritize your sanity over the environment for the first few years. Don't take 10 months to be okay with paper plates, as I did. You were right, Mom!
  3. If the takeout is good enough, no one cares if you didn't cook. Especially if you add a salad with homemade dressing and an exotic ingredient, such as pomegranate seeds. Luckily, I live across the street from 2 Amy's, the best Neapolitan pizza in DC!
  4. Being able to walk out the door with wet hair and still look like you spent half an hour blow drying it is priceless. Spend the time and money on Keratin treatments and a good haircut. 
  5. Keep shopping. Don't decide you'll buy new clothes "when you've lost the weight." Buy a new top that fits and makes you feel cute once a month as your size continually changes. It could cost $15 at H&M but inspires you to schedule a much needed night out. 
  6. Don't forget about your husband! Ok, easier said than done, but a subscription to a theatre series ensures that we have a date night at least once in a while and exercise our baby brains with a little culture. 
  7. Putting on concealer actually makes me feel less tired. Bright lipstick adds another hour of sleep to your face. See my beauty obsessions blog here.
Now for the Resolutions...
A New Year's Resolution List (Suggested)

1. Get a pedicure and a massage at least once a quarter. See my new favorite polish! Like Ruby Slippers for your toes...
2. Remember that I deserve the above
3. Keep spending a lot of money on my hair
4. No yoga pants unless I'm actually doing yoga
5. Do more yoga. Looking for cute yoga pants? See blog on what every girl in yoga class is wearing.
6. Spend money on important things (like the world's most expensive 1st birthday cake!)
7. Spend less money at Whole Foods by going to Trader Joe's instead
8. Accept all invitations for fun activities, regardless of how tired I am or how much work I have
9. Wear more red lipstick. Tom Ford lipstick is perfection!
10. Last but not least: Be grateful every minute for my beautiful family and the ability to live a life doing what I love, empowering women to feel good about themselves through fashion and style

And a bonus resolution: 
Be kind to yourself when you deviate from your list!