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Thursday, July 31, 2014

The RLS Nail Guru Report

This week's blog post was written by Kyle, my lovely assistant and fellow Real Life Style stylist. 

I have an addiction to nail polish. It's not anything I try to hide or deny. When friends ask me how long I spent on my manicure this week, I simply reply "Too long. I know, it's a problem."

I've been collecting nail polish since high school, when my favorite polish color was still pink (I remember being particularly infatuated with Charged Up Cherry). I refused to step out of my comfort zone. That eventually changed! I had to buy my first nail polish rack last year when my Hello Kitty plastic manicure I've had since I was in elementary school started overflowing. There are about 60 nail polishes in the picture below, taken last year.

This is what that same rack looks like now, exactly one year later. It is completely full and I now own about 120 nail polishes. My collection doubled in one year.

No need to worry though, all of these colors get great use. I use at least 3 or 4 colors each time I paint my nails. My everyday nails look something like this.

And this is how I have come to be known as the Real Life Style Nail Guru! For more of my nail pics, check out the hashtag #rlsnailguru on Instagram. Lani consults me with all her nail questions, such as which top coat will help her nails last the longest (I recommend Seche Vite!) or which nail polish remover will keep her apartment from smelling like chemicals (have you tried Karma Organic Spa's?) 

We even did our toes together last week! 

Get Lani's Glitter Gradient Look:
1. Start with a gorgeous deep green. We recommend Julep's Valerie, a shimmery teal.
2. Once your base is dry, layer glitter polishes over the polish. Start at the top edge of the nail and work your way down, painting a little bit lower each time. Leave the most glitter at the top and only a few pieces towards the middle. For those looking for the perfect silver glitter to create this look, Julep's Joelle layers beautifully!
3. Finish with a top coat. When you're ready to take your glitter off, don't spend hours tearing up your nails! Check out Party's Over to learn how to make glitters an ease to remove.

Get Kyle's Sparkly French Look:
1. Start with your perfect nude. See Julep's guide to picking out nude polish.
2. Cover your base with Seche Vite top coat. With this top coat, your nails will be completely dry within a few minutes. Kyle waited about 15 minutes before moving to the next step, just as a precaution.
3. Use scotch tape to create straight lines on the top edge of your toes, as if you were painting a french pedicure. 
4. Paint your glitters! With the tape in place, you shouldn't have to worry about any slip-ups. Julep's glitter polishes are some of the best out there! Kyle used her polishes from the Julep Gem Collection: Jasmine, Carly, Oscar, Hilary, and Barbara.

To see more of Julep's gorgeous colors, check out their website!

For more pictures of my nail art, follow me on Instagram: @KyleAnnDunphy

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Three Outfits to Buy Now- On Sale!

Do you know about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? Once a year, to motivate us all to get a head start on our fall shopping, Nordstrom holds a crazy amazing sale on new fall merchandise. This year the sale is until August 4th. RLS has gathered a few shopping ideas for you in case the options are too overwhelming. Happy Shopping!

Ok, full disclosure. We selected this Theory suit in the awesome Dark Merlot color, then realized that only the black and charcoal suiting were part of the sale. We think you should start saving to buy the Dark Merlot suit for your Fall wardrobe anyway! Need well-fitting, modern pieces for your work wardrobe? Theory, check. Need a perfect work pump? Cole Haan, check. With top notes of blueberry and mandarin, and base notes of licorice blackwood and sandalwood, I am dying to try ME, the new fragrance from Lanvin. 

Nothing says cool and casual like this butter soft leather jacket from Marc New York. Haven't tried the slip-on sneaker trend yet? This is a great opportunity. Love these Vince suede slip-on sneakers. A lucite necklace from Alexis Bittar is an unexpected twist on the statement necklace. Have you heard about the renaissance at Coach? Read more here. I'm loving the fresh line by new designer Stuart Vevers.

Fur! Glorious fur! LOVE this fur collar from Pologeorgis. Buy one and wear it with everything, as seen in this blog post from a winter past. This quilted Burberry coat (more merlot!) is an investment worth making for the future health of your fall wardrobe. Looking for a comfy, tall boot in which you can pound the pavement while looking totally chic? Ugg has you covered with their Dree Suede Harness Boot.

6. UGG Dree Suede Harness Boot, $199.90 (from $274.95)

Happy Shopping and don't forget to let me know what you've bought! Take a picture and post it on Instagram with the hashtag #RLSNordstromSale. You can find us at @LaniInlander. 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Rainy Day Style

Were you prepared for the rain this week? Real Life Style has found the coolest raincoats on the block to inspire your next rainy day look. Think your umbrella should be functional and make you smile? We found a few fun ones for you, including my personal favorite, the one from Liberty of London. Too hot for rainboots in the summer? How about a short, glossy pair in a bright color? Better yet, have you bought the RLS endorsed best rain shoes ever? They come in a million styles and colors at a reasonable price, so you can match all of your rainy day looks!


Wanda Nylon Raincoat, $380

How fun is this Wanda Nylon coat? I would love it over a bright colored dress.

This Lanvin coat is part of my fantasy rainy day outfit.


Liberty London Undercover, $77.10

My favorite: Liberty prints!

Goggles Umbrella, $56

(You can see where you're going with this umbrella!)

Rain Boots

Tretorn Plask Mid in Sea Spray, $69

Heavy duty but with a wedge!

Hunter Original Short Gloss Rain Boots, $91

The classic Hunter boot with a shorter shaft- made for humid summer rain.

I love these fun flamingo boots with the clear heel! The bright colors will stand out on dreary days.

These must be the chicest rain boots ever. And they're on sale!

These biker boots will look great with a trench and skinny jeans.

Last, but certainly not least, are my tried and true rain flats. I buy these for all of my clients as the perfect summer rain solution. No need to wear clunky rain boots to work! I own mine in black, but at only $38, you can get your basics and your brights to match anything.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Two New Brands You Should Know About

Who doesn't love discovering a well-priced, well-designed line? Here are two new fabulous ones for you! Hardest part? Deciding what to buy. I'm voting for the rumpled blazer from Ayr and the Tamitha backpack in a chic nudey-pink leather from Aimee Kestenberg. Happy Shopping!


AYR is the brand new women's line launched by menswear company Bonobos in February. The brand is the concept of two friends, Maggie Winter and Jacqueline Cameron, who met while working for J.Crew and Madewell. An acronym for "All Year Round," their goal was to create beautiful, streamlined basics, beginning with the perfect everyday pair of jeans. Their denim is all made in LA and is carefully crafted to be as flattering and comfortable as possible, two traits that don't come together very often! Along with jeans, AYR partners with independent artists every season to create a limited-edition line of graphic tees printed in Brooklyn. Although AYR is sold exclusively through their webshop, you can always schedule an appointment at their New York guideshop to try anything on. Interested in learning more about AYR? Check out their feature on Style.com.

Use code FRESHAYR at checkout for 20% off your first purchase!

Aimee Kestenberg 

While flipping through my Parson's alumni magazine recently, I found the most gorgeous and functional handbag. The Tamitha backpack, pictured below, is the creation of Aimee Kestenberg, an Australian accessories designer and 2010 Parson's grad. After launching her own line of leather handbags two years ago, she has made the Forbes 30 under 30 list and won two American Handbag Designer of the Year awards. The best part about the beautiful, soft leather bags? They are all under $300!  You can find them at Nordstrom, Macy's, Lord and Taylor, QVC, and her own website.